How Operators can Increase Revenue and Optimize Occupancy?

Short-term rentals require juggling occupancy rates and nightly prices. To do this – a dynamic pricing model and optimized inventory are key. Our software’s Seasonal and Weekend pricing module helps set a base price and then adjust multipliers to maximize revenue and occupancy. Why did we choose to address this problem? Lets look at an […]

Booking Common Amenities Effortlessly with Credits!

The real estate industry has been considered a technology laggard. While slow, most Operators have already adapted to advancements in tech. One such example is the use of credits in properties using which tenants can book common shared amenities.   Being a Property Management Software, nothing excites us more. That said, we have in place […]

Hybrid Rentals: Manage Both Short & Long-term Stays

Its a known fact that long-term rentals help earn a stable income and short-term rentals help increase revenue. Operators wish to do both. This is where hybrid rentals comes in – the ability to manage the nitty-gritty of both a short and long-term portfolio. We are thrilled to bring to you a full-fledged system that […]

Centralize Management of Rates and Availabilities

A channel manager is most useful to operators to tackle the various challenges associated with the needs of short-term rentals – especially around updating the availability of units under management and keeping the rates updated on all online travel agencies (OTAs). However, property managers and operators do not use one often. This makes the existing […]

The Gate Pass: Material Movement Handled

Access control and tracking visitor movement have always been important to operators. The three pillars of managing this remain as – Who entered or left the property? When did they enter or leave the property? Where did they go in the property? But our latest addition – The Gate pass module goes one step ahead […]