Centralize Management of Rates and Availabilities

A channel manager is most useful to operators to tackle the various challenges associated with the needs of short-term rentals – especially around updating the availability of units under management and keeping the rates updated on all online travel agencies (OTAs).

However, property managers and operators do not use one often. This makes the existing workflow immensely complicated.


Why do you need a channel manager?




The above image displays how an operator manages the OTAs to update rates or availability.

The manual process of updating rates and availability: Updating rates for seasonal fluctuations (Christmas, Chinese New Year) or events (F1 race, Oktoberfest), as well as reflecting changes due to walk-in bookings involves a manual approach that can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This is especially true if information isn’t updated in real-time across all platforms.


How can TheHouseMonk solve this problem?

The above image displays how updating rates or availability on TheHouseMonk will update the same on all OTAs.

One system to update all information on all OTAs in real-time: TheHouseMonk updates all the OTAs simultaneously in real-time with any change in Rates or Availability. Every time a walk-in booking is created or rates are updated due to an event, all the OTAs are updated regarding the same.

Centralized management of Rates & Availability that will be broadcast to all channels.

How does this work on our system?

If you wish to update the price of your property from $100 to $130 and update the same on all the OTAs, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Core > My Data > Property > Select the property you wish to update the price for.

  • Now, click on the Rates and Availability tab.
  • Here you can enter the prices that apply to every room type or category (Single, Double, Studio, etc.) and click Save.


  • This will now automatically update the pricing on all of the OTAs.


This process applies equally to both increasing and decreasing prices, including adjustments for weekends or seasonal fluctuations. Additionally, whenever a booking is created on your system, TheHouseMonk automatically updates inventory levels on all connected platforms.

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