Monthly Roundup January 2024

2024 is here, and it’s brimming with potential for property managers and operators. But with great opportunity comes the need for a solid foundation. That’s why we’re focusing on key themes to help you kickstart your year:


  • Strategize for Growth
  • Strengthen Tenant Retention
  • Unlock Market Opportunities


We are committed to helping our property managers and operators achieve this goal and our way of contributing to this is constant development and enhancements on our Product Suite.


What we have been able to achieve in January?


Shared Development across Product Suite


  1. Enhancing cybersecurity posture 

    We have strengthened our system’s security by implementing a minimum password requirement and a password reset policy.

  2. Renewing contracts with a click 

    Renewing Contracts is very easy. Operators can select the contract, click renew, enter the new contract dates and a new renewed contract will be created.


Initiatives towards TheHouseMonk


  1. Detailed summary on the booking portal at the time of checkout 

    Enhance your booking conversions on the website with a summary of the booking post-check-out. 

  2. Enhancement on Zoho Books

    Accept applications on the website (booking portal) when you are connected to ZohoBooks 

  3. Stop Sell, CTA & CTD on Channel Manager

    Operators now have maximum flexibility with the Stop Sell, STA (Close to Arrival) and CTD (Close to Departure) feature. Property managers can gain more control over the revenue and occupancy of their property/unit.


Initiatives towards TheOfficeMonk


  1. Gate pass to track Material Movement 

    Operators can now track materials that move in and out of the property seamlessly and introduce more accountability and transparency.


What do we have in store for February?


Shared Development across Product Suite


  1. Custom Invoice Sequencing 

    Operators can now customize their Invoice numbers based on a combination of prefixes, year/month, running number by organisation, property or subsidiary, and suffix.

  2. Move-in / Move-out inspections on the Real Estate Management App 

    With the ability to access the Move-in/Move-out Inspection module from the Real Estate Management App (REMA), operators can have a hassle-free experience.

  3. Late fee automation 

    This automation generates and applies late fees to past-due invoices. This can help you collect debts more efficiently and timely, as it eliminates the need for manual intervention.


Initiatives towards TheHouseMonk


  1. Smart room recommendations 

    Our system now can reshuffle all your bookings amongst all available units based on stay period, and minimum length of stay to ensure that every booking gets the unit that is best suited to the requirements of the booking.


Initiatives towards TheOfficeMonk


  1. Work Permit 

    Operators can create work permit forms that tenants can use to request permission for work that needs to be done within the space that they are occupying.

  2. Enhancements, when integrated with Zoho books  

    Operators can create work permit forms that tenants can use to request permission for work that needs to be done within the space that they are occupying.

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