Why Should You Use Property Management Software?

An important aspect of property management is having the highest level of executive function. As a property manager, it is pertinent for you to be able to execute the tasks efficiently and on time. In today’s technologically advanced world, it might be a good idea to opt for an online property management software or an app that makes the list of tasks manageable, simplified and lives up to your client’s satisfaction. Here are some key pointers of why you need to use property management software as a manager.

Automate notifications and tasks

An effective tenant-landlord relationship is built on effective communication. Thanks to property management software, this is fortunately very simple. Rental reminders, sign-up notices, late fee notices, and lease expiration reminders are all delivered automatically without requiring any action on your part, the landlord. Most property management software will make it simple for you to send an email, text, or notice through an app if you need to inform your renters of some maintenance work or a neighbourhood announcement.

Additionally, these notifications are tracked, which can be very helpful if there is a disagreement or, in the worst situation, if you are involved in an eviction process.

Collect rent online

Online property management software nearly usually includes some type of online payment, whether it be through interaction with another provider or an internal product. Since this is the big one, we’ll start with it first. The ease of online payments will improve collection, add professionalism, and make things easier for your tenants to utilise.

Multiple payment options can encourage your tenants to pay their rent and to do so on time. Additionally, you can quit frequenting the bank at the beginning of the month.

Advantages Of Online Rent Payments:

  • Eliminates the risk associated with mailing cash
  • Reduces the possibility of a bounced check
  • Gives tenants more convenience
  • Less face-to-face meetings
  • Fewer trips to the bank for managers and landlords 

Track maintenance regularly

It might be a major hassle to maintain. Nobody wants to share their mobile number with their tenants, but if you don’t regularly check your email, you can miss inquiries that come through. Sharing maintenance tickets with maintenance staff might be a major hassle if you manage them. Both of these issues are resolved by property management software, which usually always includes some kind of maintenance site.

Typically, tenants can offer whatever necessary information to express their maintenance issues, including descriptions, images, videos, and other media. Your programme stores this information so you can access it anytime you need to. Instead of the tenant, the software will send you a notification to your phone or via email. No need to divulge any private information. Depending on the rental software you use, you can also frequently forward these tickets to your maintenance crew or even add them as sub-users. They will have immediate access as well as the option to set up their notifications thanks to this.

Benefit from cloud storage

The power of cloud storage and having access to your information and documents from anywhere may have been obvious from some of our earlier statements. If you’ve been managing rental properties for a while, you’ve probably heard horror stories about landlords whose hard drives failed and lost all of their rental and company records. This is a complete headache, especially if you get an audit notice from the IRS, which we scarcely dare to state.

Using property management software, this risk is fully eliminated. In addition to securely storing your data, it also provides access from anywhere. If a tenant asks you while you’re on the job what they owe, you don’t have to answer. When a renter asks you what they owe while you’re on the job, you don’t need to travel home to find out; just take out your phone, open your property management software account, and you can obtain the information immediately.

Simplify tenant applications and screenings

The ideal tenant will greatly improve your management experience, but you should always be ready for unforeseen events. With effective tenant screening tools, you can make sure that you keep good renters.

Many PMS solutions assist you in weeding out candidates who are less eligible by providing resources like reference verification tools, background checks, and tenant histories that reveal whether the applicant can be relied upon to pay their rent on time. Background checking features are built-in or accessible through third-party integrations, and they might raise concerns if there is any information that applies to a potential landlord.

For additional peace of mind, it is undoubtedly a good idea to keep a look out for tenant management software which feature credit check functionality.

Benefits in a nutshell

Like many other sectors, rental property management software has greatly benefited property managers. Tools are getting cheaper and more efficient. In fact, there are several possibilities for free property management software that have platforms that are just as feature-rich as the older, more expensive ones. Regardless of what you decide, switching to property management software can greatly benefit your rental management firm.

The best property management software will be updated frequently so that its features are always tailored for the shifting requirements of the rental market. The capacity to obtain updates is an online software’s largest perk. A competent software service like TheHouseMonk will pay attention to its users’ requests and develop new features accordingly. It is crucial to keep up with any product updates or new features that the software announces for this reason. Since you are paying for the service, you should make the most of your resources by utilising all of the features that are available in your application.

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