Effortless Work Permit Management 

Work permits are essential to be obtained by tenants before starting work in their allotted space. Our Work Permit module helps operators handle the entire process holistically by helping them understand the scope of work, the workers involved, and the risks and hazards of the work along with tracking the material that will be brought to a property. 

Why do operators need work permits?


In the above 3 scenarios; 

  • A Manual Work Permit Tracking and Approval Workflow: Currently, tenants inform their need for work to the operator,  the operator requests the tenants to fill out a form and then sends it for approval. 


Depending on the number of units under management, keeping track of these documents, and communicating with various teams (Security, Admins, operators, tenants etc.) is a big hurdle. 

How can we help solve this? 

Our system handles all aspects of a work permit helping operators and property managers in 4 simple steps: 

  1. The Operator creates a Work Permit form on our Admin Console (Godview)
  2. Tenants submit a Work Request from the Tenant Portal
  3. Approvers are notified and can approve/reject a request from the Web Portal (Godview) or Business App (REMA).
  4. Tenants are informed about the status of their requests once approvers have taken action

An Add-on: Operators can change the status of the work for approved work requests as well.  


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