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Unified Lease & Booking
  • Offer a breezy move-in experience to your tenants.

  • Share digital leases remotely with E-signing options.

  • See real-time updates, bookings, and move-in/move-out - all through one dashboard.

Hyper-organized Property Accounting
  • Achieve on-time rent collection through automated accounting.

  • Raise bulk invoices, reminders and receipts with a few clicks.

  • Help tenants pay their dues on time with instant and secure payments anytime, anywhere.

Smooth Property Operations
  • Put your operations on auto-pilot through workflows, maintenance schedules & calendars.

  • Monitor & ensure tenant requests are catered on time by setting up an escalation matrix.

Digitized Visitor and Parcel Management
  • Facilitate a seamless experience for visitors and tenants with shorter wait times & entry approvals.

  • Ensure smooth deliveries and faster check-ins with instant notifications.

Enhanced Tenant Experience
  • Keep your tenants updated with whats happening in the community with admin notices & discussions.

  • Increase tenant retention with events, interest-based groups, booking of shared spaces and much more.

Advanced Analytics and Insights
  • Zoom into every transaction to answer every question with numbers.

  • Zoom out to get a bird's eye view of your entire business.

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