Strike the right balance between operations, experiences & automation


Automate mundane tasks and drive efficiency with ops. Make task management a breeze with increased productivity and resource optimization.

In just 10 minutes, unlock the power of customization by building a listing portal that perfectly reflects your brand's unique identity. Gain complete control over the design, integrate your brand elements and create a portal that truly represents your vision.

Supercharge your revenue potential and maximize occupancy during off season by listing your properties on multiple channels. Explore dynamic pricing to fine-tune your rental rates in real-time based on market demand, seasonal trends, and other factors.


Smoothen your day-to-day operations and get a panoramic view of your entire rental business on one dashboard.

Facilitate a seamless check-in experience for members by creating, managing and storing workspace contracts online. Allow them to digitally sign agreements and upload documents thereby eliminating tedious paperwork from the equation.

Ensure a quick redressal mechanism by allowing members to raise complaints in the form of tickets via dedicated member app. Help them track their requests progress in real-time as well as add additional details that may help the process move along faster.

Get rid of the worries about numbers not adding up by automating your invoicing process. Send reminders in bulk, print receipts and analyze financial data without the need to search through spreadsheets.

Create a more interactive experience for your members by keeping them up-to-date with important workspace information via admin notices and allowing them to engage with fellow coworkers using discussions and polls.


Automate mundane tasks and drive efficiency with ops. Make task management a breeze with increased productivity and resource optimization.

Smoothen operations & reduce operational costs by creating efficient schedules, assigning duties to the right personnel, and streamlining workflows. Reduce on-site time spent by managers and staff in executing necessary repairs or preventative measures.

Create a repository of assets with relevant descriptions, important documents, rate of depreciation and more. Ensure easy access and reference for other teams by recording the basic details and updates.

Track task progress and manage resources with a centralized calendar view. Create custom views from existing filters to quickly share insights across teams. Keep collaboration seamless by viewing tasks, due dates and comments in a single pane of glass.

Protect your workspace from unwanted visitors by fully controlling access within and outside the premises according to set policies. Enhance member security with digital locks along with automated entries and approvals.


Offer an unforgettable experience to members by building an engaged community

Foster productivity and efficiency in the workspace with facility booking. Members can easily view real-time availability, make reservations with just a few clicks and receive instant confirmation all from the comfort of their own devices.

Enable a dedicated marketplace for all your members, where they can conveniently and securely list, buy, and sell items. We have ensured that it is simple to navigate while still offering all the functionality required of an online marketplace.

Build a thriving community by enabling members to host and participate in engaging events. Empower and unify members in your workspace by helping individuals with varying interests and backgrounds connect with one another.

Partner with local vendors to roll out exciting offers for your community. Give your members access to exclusive deals and discounts on products or services from reputable local vendors.

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We tried many rental softwares before migrating onto TheHouseMonk for the long haul. What we like most is the extreme support we get from their team - Whatever we need, their team is a call or a Whatsapp message away!

Luca Bergoli
Co-founder, COO
Cove Living

"Aqaraty manages a host of properties and we are able to handle the entire portfolio with ease, thanks to TheHouseMonk.They created an app in Arabic which was impossible with any other software & it has helped us boost tenant engagement

Abdul Wahab A Al Mutawa


Tauseef Hassan Ibrahim
Property Manager
Boston Living

The ticketing feature has helped us cut down resolution time - which is great since our facility is focused on millennials who like everything done fast! The accounting feature is the most useful for us among the whole suite of TheHouseMonk tools.

Raisa Estarita Echeverria
Community manager,
Coolivers, Spain

"Communication with tenants has become so much easier since we got an app of our own. Like clockwork, ours bills go out every month, invoices are issued and payment reminders are initiated - all one the app!

Murray Clark
Neighbourgood, South Africa


Abdul Wahab A Al Mutawa

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