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Lease Management

  • Streamline processes of leasing in malls to enhance operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction
  • Get rid of the time-consuming paperwork and use the app to draft contracts and sign them digitally
  • Manage all leases through an app and send renewal reminders to retailers before a due date
  • Generate Common Amenity Maintenance invoices to all retailers based on terms in the contract.

Property Accounting

  • Manage the financial aspects of mall operations, tailored to the specific needs of mall management
  • Keep track of revenues and expenses (A/P – A/R) )to ensure proper financial reporting
  • Automate conversions of quotes to invoices or receipts to avoid repetitive tasks.
  • Create Invoices, Receipts, and Reminders to inform all your retailers regarding any updates
  • Bulk creates invoices to send to all retailers – all at once

Share Data, Split Revenue

  • Collect and track data through a PoS machine to maintain accuracy as per agreement with retailers
  • Analyse data and Increase the view you have of your mall to see the right retailer mix and finalize the right revenue-sharing agreement
  • Compute and Calculate Revenue earned based on billings and contracts
  • Get access to accurate sales data from every retailer to ensure proper revenue sharing

Facilities Management

  • Automate workflows and ensure your O&M engine is running smoothly
  • Ambiance Management to help increase retailer and shopper satisfaction by offering a clean and neat space
  • Traffic Management ensuring parking and overall logistics of the mall are handled and managed to offer a good experience
  • Infrastructure Management to maintain malls regularly and on request to prevent damage and ensure a satisfying experience

Food and Beverages

  • Digitize your food court and allow customers to order food and avoid queues
  • Create a Unified Repository to monitor food courts across malls and get individual outlet data to track, monitor, and manage a selection of food partners
  • Avoid Queues, Introduce the Shoppers App to allow all mall shoppers to book a table and food in the mall to avoid confusion and commotion
  • Have the entire food court on a screen to get insights on the orders, deliveries, and occupancy of your space

An app for all your retail partners

  • A retailer app for all shops in the mall to provide complete transparency in operations
  • Be liberal with retailers to create tickets for areas not cleaned or create PPMs for regular cleaning
  • Accept payments through an app to ensure easy, hassle-free, paperless transactions
  • Allow access to retailers to view invoices like rent, services provided, etc. to provide overall insight

An App for Shoppers

  • Organize events, promote brands, and increase interactions all through a Shoppers app
  • Organize, Promote and Earn through events, offers and stores respectively
  • Share offers that apply to customers on the app increasing loyalty and retention
  • Display all stores present in malls and present everything there is to offer to increase shopping hauls

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