Simplify Email Management on with MTL using Mailchimp

In any tenancy, the communication between the landlord, tenant and property manager (or operator) needs to be structured well to ensure they are all on the same page. Email is the de-facto communication platform across the world, and has been widely adopted by the real estate industry to ensure all parties are aligned.


Hence, we have done a deep integration with Mailchimp, the world’s largest email management platform, to ensure we can bring great email communication capabilities to our customers.

Our integration with Mailchimp focuses on –

  • Sending automated emails to tenants and landlords upon certain trigger events in our system
  • Allows our operators to configure how some of these communications can be structured


Our customers use this integration for use cases like payment reminders, payment receipts, updates on maintenance ticket progress, important announcements for residents/members, etc.


Why do we have this integration?

There are the three key challenges that operators face currently –

  • Lack of Personalization in emails sent: With generic emails that are currently sent, the lack of personal touch dissociates a tenant from the organization.
  • Manual Information reporting to tenants: Operators currently follow a tedious manual information reporting process that takes time and effort.
  • Time consuming account Set-up and configuration: Setting up an email communication account and configuring it takes up a lot of time.


Our integrations helps in the following ways,

  1. We introduce personalization in all the emails that are sent out by the operator
  2. The entire process of communicating information to the tenants is automated, and hence saves time
  3. Account set up is automated in our ecosystem, so customers can get up and running quickly


How to go about this integration?

To enable this integration follow the steps listed below:

  1. Login into Godview and navigate to the User name section in the top right corner of the screen 
  2. Click on Integrations 
  3. Move to the Communications tab under the Integrations tab and select Mailchimp
  4. Follow the steps mentioned on the page depending on whether or not you have a Mailchimp account.

In the real estate landscape where tenant engagement and personalization are paramount, our integration proves to be a pivotal tool for businesses looking to stay competitive and relevant in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. The Mailchimp and MTL integration paves the way for innovative, effective, and personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with tenants on a deeper level, leading to stronger relationships and, ultimately, business growth.

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