Unique coworking spots around the world

What do coworking spaces call mostly for? More freedom? Flexibility? Yes. Coworking spaces provide people the chance to have a shared work space that’s affordable, as well as a community for making connections and building friendships. The rapid growth of coworking spaces is the talk of the real estate town these days. It has significantly created a vast opportunity for the real estate industry in multiple ways!

Rounded up below are 7 unusual coworking spots we found to be interesting and few to be noted down

  1. Bamboo Haven, Bali –

Has anyone even imagined working in a bamboo office? Well, believe me, that’s paradise. Bamboo being an evergreen perennial flowering plant has now been used for building coworking spaces. You don’t believe us? Hubud is a collaborative working space, located in the beautiful Bali. At this bamboo haven, you’ll find Bali’s fastest internet connection, an environment that fosters both socializing and solitude

2. Beachfront, Thailand

Any thoughts breezing your way for this one of a kind coworking space? Located on one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, BeacHub offers ocean breeze inspiration and fiber optic wifi. One can work at the beachfront shared desk with access to the beach and shower. Hammocks are also available for lounging and working, making BeacHub the ultimate beachfront coworking space.

3. Historical London style mansion, Shanghai, China –

London and China? Woah. When did these countries co-exist! Now don’t take it so literally. The WeWork Weihai Lu office in Shanghai can be found in a once historical London style mansion transformed into a modern workspace. Once a home to more than 40 artist studios and galleries, this work space caters to high speed internet, weekly networking events and many other perks!

4. Front Courtyard, Thailand –

A lively coworking space is all one wishes for. Wanting something new besides corporate and being a digital nomad has been a major boom factor. And here enters Punspace. Along with having a well-designed interior, Punspace also has a charming front courtyard for those days when you simply want to take a break to relax outside. Amenities include Skype rooms, private offices, lockers and what more? The open side.

5. Rooftop terrace, Barcelona –

Let us introduce the world to Betahaus, a six floor coworking space in the beautiful and gorgeous city of Barcelona! This coworking space defines the perfect space for working, networking and socializing. With the ground floor showcasing a café and classroom space, it sure never gets boring! This co-working space is a mashup of meeting rooms, event space, a siesta club and a rooftop terrace.

6. Luxury Resort cum office, Hong Kong, China –

With a strong hospitality background, this coworking space known as the TheWorkProject was created by hoteliers who knew the ins and outs of hospitality. This feels more like a luxury resort than any regular office out there. Beautifully decorated and ergonomically fashioned, this space calls out anyone looking in for some custom-blended tea, a customized music selection, mail handling, and a carefully curated daily food selection.

7. A century-old barn, New York City –

This coworking space reminisces a perfect farmhouse and creates a friendly, relaxed working space. Can you picture that? The Farm Soho was built by hand and crafted with a love for nature and organic design. With its open loft environment, Farm Soho is go-to coworking space for entrepreneurs, early-stage start-ups, and freelancers who want to be immersed in a dynamic environment. Because work doesn’t have to feel like work.

The benefits of a coworking can be made evident from the fact that 71% of the co-workers reported a rise in their creativity levels after joining the co-working space. Real estate being closely in the picture, has seen the concept of coworking spaces develop from a minor trend to a mainstream movement. This development represents a unique growth opportunity for the real estate industry.

Each of these coworking spaces offer something unique to its members. From our list, which one excites you the most?

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