How Aurum Q Parc went from being a manual property management system to completely automated

Aurum Q Parc

Mumbai, India

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Residential & Commercial Properties

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Aurum Facilities Management is a leading facility management company, overseeing a multi-use property comprising a commercial IT park, residential buildings, and upcoming retail spaces within a 30-acre campus. Located in Mumbai, Aurum believes in creating good experiences for clients who use their facility.

Business Challenge #1 Cumbersome amenity booking process for tenants

The primary challenge faced by Aurum Tech Park was managing sport grounds, amphitheaters, executive lounges, gyms spread across its extensive campus. With 24/7 facility operations, there was a gap in communication between tenants and the facility team.

Our Solution

Our Facility booking module ensured that Aurum Q-Parcs facility management processes were digitized. Tenants could book amenities through the tenant portal/tenant app and teams could approve requests, take payments and communicate all this information seamlessly using just one system.

Business Challenge #2 No way for Maintenance Ticket Tracking

Creating and following up on maintenance tickets and tracking resolutions manually posed challenges for property managers as well as tenants

Our Solution

Our platform facilitated tenants and operators to create and track tickets. The on-ground team found it very easy to address the ticket and ensure fast resolutions

Business Challenge #3 Lease Renewal Management

The existing logbook system posed challenges to customers and made it difficult to address tenant concerns. Aurum Q Parc needed a solution to track the work done and ensure the quality of work done.

Our Solution

Our system converted Aurums operations from manual to digital. Our checklist module provided a solution, enabling the ground team to record their job activities in a more efficient and organized manner.

The management team could also get a sense of the work done, time taken, and open requests based on information in the dashboard.

The Outcome

Monk Tech Labs successfully transformed its facility management processes with the implementation of Office Monk, achieving enhanced efficiency, improved communication, and overall satisfaction among its employees and clients.

No. of facilities managed - 8
No. of bookings recieved - 210
Tickets resolved with SLA 98.9%

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