How Clanbridge maximised its student housing occupancy by 21% using our custom property listing portal

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that is tailor-made for your Student housing business needs

Lead, Lease and Booking Management

  • Allow students to book rooms from a customized Booking portal or OTAs.
  • Streamline the Check-in/out process and easily Renew contracts ensuring a smooth experience
  • Manage multiple contracts seamlessly with detailed information like renewals, payments, etc.

Facilities Management

  • Maintain your housing space regularly and on request to ensure a satisfying experience.
  • Increase tenant satisfaction by offering quick resolutions to tickets raised.
  • Keep track of all assets in all units to ensure transparency and maintain accountability during check-in/out

Amenity Management

  • Avoid turmoils in your student housing by ensuring that all tenants book slots before hand.
  • Generate revenue by allowing students to buy extra services like Wifi etc.
  • Pre-Configure all details about the resources including approval and payment workflows

Finance and Accounting

  • A smooth process to ensure that you can convert your quotes to invoices and invoices to bills, maintaining the perfect record.
  • Create reminders for all the payments you are scheduled to receive throughout the year, ensuring you cash in all your cheques.
  • The Bulk Create function comes as a boon to notify everyone in the organization with reminders or payment requests.

Community Engagement

  • From planning, promotion, and registration for events, to networking opportunities, enhance engagement and participation.
  • A marketplace for students to buy/sell their products. Helps build a community by sharing talent.
  • Share offers that apply to only students from your housing space increasing loyalty and brand image.

Hybrid Rentals

  • Use the concept of hybrid rentals to increase the revenue that you generate during student breaks.
  • Convert your long-term student housing space to accommodate short-term rentals.
  • Use our Channel Manager to market and generate leads for your short-stay rental space.

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