How Boston Living streamlined visitor check-ins with TheHouseMonk’s visitor management feature

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Boston Living, an incubation venture of INCOR Group, is a community-first-led company that specializes in coliving and corporate bookings.

It was founded in 2019 to create custom premium living opportunities for working professionals and students. Currently located in Hyderabad with 500+ units, the company has plans to expand its operations in Bangalore and Chennai.

Business Challenge #1: Lack of Visitor Identification

Boston Living had an influx of visitors including guests, domestic help, staff, vendors and delivery personnel and the lack of identification of the visitors entering posed a security risk to the tenants.

Our Solution

TheHouseMonk Security App provided Identification of the visitor, who they’re visiting and the purpose of the visit, which helped ensure a high level of security for its tenants.

Business Challenge #2: Inability to track visitors in real time

With Over 1,000 monthly visitors entering their properties every month and no systematic monitoring of check-ins/check-outs, it was hard to keep track of visitors who have entered, exited, still on the property.

Our Solution

With our Visitor Management module, the Boston Living staff could monitor in real-time which visitors were still on its campus and who had already left, at any point in time.

Business Challenge #3: No penalty for overstaying​

With the manual log-books maintained by Boston Living, it wasn’t possible to monitor the timings of every check-in and check-out to penalize the visitors who overstayed.

Our Solution

With unprecedented visibility into who’s using the space, the team were able to identify close to 35 guests who overstayed within the first 30 days of deployment and were able to monetize this by charging a fee to the tenants for this.

Business Challenge #4: Inefficient Physical Logbooks

Before TheHouseMonk, Boston Living was maintaining physical log books which was proving very inefficient as a single visitor entry process took as long as 6 minutes, and it took way longer to find records, proving to be an inconvenience to the visitors as well as tenants.

Our Solution

Our visitor management module has decreased the average check-in time from 6 minutes to 1 minute, providing a seamless visitor experience.

Business Challenge #5: Deployment of Human Resources

To maintain physical logbooks for visitor check-in/check-outs 3 security personnel had to be retained just for that single purpose which otherwise could've been deployed for other productive tasks for the business.

Additionally, the process was not immune to the risk of human errors.

Our Solution

With our system in place, Boston Living was able to reduce the security personnel from 3 to 2 and redeploy their resources towards other tasks which in turn increased overall productivity.

Moreover, The easy user experience and automated records left little to no room for error or uncertainty

The Outcome

TheHouseMonk helped Boston Living deliver a seamless experience to visitors and tenants alike through quick and easy check-in/check-outs.

Reduction in Average check-in time for visitors 83%
Reduction in cost of security personnel 33%

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