How Boston Living streamlined visitor check-ins with TheHouseMonk’s visitor management feature
Company Profile

Boston Living, an incubation venture of INCOR Group, is a community first led company that specializes in coliving and corporate bookings.

It was founded in 2019 with the aim to create custom premium living opportunities for working professionals and students. 

Currently located in Hyderabad with 500+ units, the company has plans to expand its operations in Bangalore and Chennai. 


1. Inability to track and penalize visitors 

Boston Living had an average of 1000+ monthly visitors including guests, domestic help, staff, vendors and delivery personnel, entering their properties every month. But they were unable to monitor check in and checkouts. Also, there were many visitors who were entering properties and overstaying without paying any penalty

2. Maintaining physical logbooks and deploying human resources 

The company had hired 3 security personnel to maintain physical logbooks which resulted in the visitor entry process being as long as 6 minutes. It carried the risk of human errors. It was a hassle to find and check past records as they’d to refer to piles of papers to get the required data. 

The Solution

TheHouseMonk offered a robust visitor management solution that helped Boston Living monitor all visitor activities at the facility with ease and document check-ins and check-outs.

Automation of entry and approvals 

With the help of TheHouseMonk Security App and integrated dashboard, Boston Living could track visitors with a few clicks. 
Tenants could also easily approve or decline any entry using the tenant app thereby eliminating the need for physical logbooks.
With unprecedented visibility into who’s using the space, the team could track the average time spent by a visitor in a specific unit and decide whether to charge or not if they stayed longer than expected.

The average time to check in a visitor has now decreased from 6 minutes to 1 minute with our visitor management module. This has not only smoothened the process but also enhanced the security and safety of tenants as well as visitors. 
They redeployed their resources towards other tasks which in turn increased productivity by allowing tenants to let the security know about the anticipated visitors. 

Types of visitors
Visitors added in 2021 Vs 2022


TheHouseMonk helped Boston Living reduce friction in visitor movement by bringing in technology to streamline and monitor check-ins and check-outs. 

We also empowered the Boston living team with real-time visitor data and analytics to manage the deployment of security personnel and deliver a seamless experience to visitors.

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