How Tribe adopted our custom booking portal to offer a premium onboarding experience
Company Profile

Founded in 2018, Tribe is a luxury student accommodation provider, offering exquisite hostels in leading cities across India.

This impressive 200-bed space boasts all the facilities necessary for today's modern-day students such as air-conditioning, high-speed wifi connectivity, study areas and chill zones, an exceptional cafe providing world-class food choices coupled with laundry services among other features that make this hostel stand out from others.


Manual room allocation

Tribe Stays encountered siginificant challenges when it came to managing their room allocation process.

As a leading accommodation provider catering to 1500+ students, Tribe faced considerable difficulties in efficiently and promptly allocating rooms.

Their manual allocation process proved to be time-consuming and susceptible to errors, resulting in dissatisfied students and the potential loss of business for the company.

The student housing operator also faced difficulties in managing their payments. Their previous system had limited functionality and was prone to errors.

They had to manually handle each payment, resulting in delays and inconvenience. The lack of automation made it challenging to keep track of payment history, leading to potential discrepancies and confusion in financial records. This not only hindered the efficiency of their operations but also made it difficult for the key stakeholders to obtain accurate financial insights and projections.

The Solution

TheHouseMonk offered a custom booking portal along with a dedicated student app for seamless operations and amplified expeirence.

Auto allocation of beds

With TheHouseMonk auto-allocation feature in place, Tribe could auto allocate beds to students based on the gender.

This enabled the team to effectively screen potential tenants based on their gender and allocate them to appropriate rooms resulting streamlined and expedited booking process, benefiting both Tribe and the students.

Furthermore, the auto-allocate feature optimized the utilization of available rooms, ensuring efficient occupancy management. By accurately assigning students to suitable rooms, Tribe maximized its accommodation capacity and minimized any potential mismatches or conflicts in roommate preferences.

Seamless payments

We integrated a secure and user-friendly payment system, Cashfree, into The Hives customized booking portal.

This seamless integration allowed students to pay for their accommodation online with ease. Offering multiple payment options, the system ensured convenience while maintaining high security standards.

By streamlining the payment process, Tribe improved efficiency and reduced manual effort for both the company and students.

Addition of academic calendar

We integrated essential features like academic calendars and gender-based room allocation. Students could now align their bookings with academic schedules, improving stay planning.

Flexible pricing with custom slabs

We introduced custom pricing slabs for instalments. This allowed them to set bed prices based on the number of instalments, giving them control over their pricing structure. The system included instalment slabs and category-wise pricing, enhancing transparency and financial management for both Tribe and students.

Our apps and portals at a glance
Custom booking portal
Student App


TheHouseMonk not only helped Tribe offer a memorable experience to students with a dedicated Student app to host discussions, make payments and stay up-to-date with important notices, but also helped the staff members to simplify the booking process, save time with automation and improve efficiency.

Our custom reports enabled the key stakeholders to get enhanced visibility into the business with real time occupancy data, rent collection processes, vacancies, booking of shared spaces and more.

TheHouseMonk platform has simplified our booking process while offering students multiple payment options. It's user-friendly, efficient, and secure. Their team is very proactive and responsive, helping us with our customization and integration needs.

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