How Clanbridge chose TheHouseMonk after evaluating multiple software for its student housing project
Company Profile

Founded in 2021, ClanBridge is a student housing company with 2000+ units in Greater Noida, India.

It aims to develop & maintain new-age student communities across the major education hubs of the country and provide best-in-class accommodations, food, security & exposure thereby helping students grow at a personal & professional level.


Since they were quite new to the industry, the ClanBridge team decided to opt for a student housing software at an early stage to accelerate its operations.

They spent a lot of time evaluating multiple software to find the best fit for their student housing project. The team was looking for a one-stop solution that could help them manage inventory, track bookings, organize monthly maintenance schedules and ease annual invoice creation.

What were the problems?
Juggling between multiple sheets to manage inventory and following up relentlessly for maintenance schedules was tedious as well as time-consuming. They were spending close to 60% of their time handling operations manually.

For instance, there was close to zero coordination between an on-ground technician and a property manager for conveying tracking the status of the issues raised. This not only resulted in confusion but also impacted tenant satisfaction.

They were creating and tracking thousands of invoices every month with the help of spreadsheets which consumed a lot of time and created room for errors.

The Solution

TheHouseMonk offered a one-stop solution to the ClanBridge team with all features being present on one single platform that helped them automate and smoothen their day-to-day operations.

Inventory management

The Core module allowed the team to see the exact number of units that were occupied, booked and vacant. This helped them get a real time view of the business and make strategic calls regarding unit and resource allocation.

Tickets and Planned and Preventive Maintenance

With the Ops module, the Clanbridge team could streamline the entire maintenance process while using an escalation matrix to track the status of the tickets. The business app allowed technicians to see the tasks that were assigned to them and property managers to review the details and progress of the same.

They also streamlined recurring maintenance activities like cleaning, elevator, etc by using calendars, tagging the concerned technician, and monitoring the status of the same.


Business app


Tenant app

Invoice Creation

With the Bulk Invoice feature, they could create multiple invoices at the same time for rent, deposit, expenses, etc. This smoothened rent collection which helped them deploy human resources to other important tasks. A total of 2500 invoices were created at once and all payments were made through the payment gateway.


TheHouseMonk helped ClanBridge to maximize bookings, streamline day-to-day operations and automate workflows thereby delivering an unforgettable experience to the students. The ClanBridge team could view real-time analytics and get enhanced visibility into the daily tasks and unit status.

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