How GoSpaze saved 800 business hours by automating rent collection


Bangalore, India

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Property management & coworking 

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Gospaze, founded by Mr. Shinoj Nambiar, is a Real Estate Services company, offering a comprehensive range of services such as rentals, property management, co-working, and interiors. In total, the company was managing more than 500,000 sqft of real estate across its portfolio.

Operating from Bangalore, Gospaze caters to property owners, landlords, builders, and investors with an extensive portfolio of services, ensuring efficient property management and seamless operations.

Business Challenge #1 Manual Invoicing

Being a multi-family operator, GoSpaze had to coordinate with hundreds of tenants and owners to collect payments. There was no system in place to help them streamline payment collection.

Our Solution

With TheHouseMonk's automated invoicing in place, the GoSpaze team was able to streamline invoice generation and rent collection process.

They have created more than 80,000 invoices using our accounting module since 2017.

Business Challenge #2 No way for Maintenance Ticket Tracking

Following up on maintenance tickets and tracking resolutions manually posed challenges.

Moreover, there was no proper channel to communicate and coordinate with technicians, leading to inevitable delays in resolution.

Our Solution

TheHouseMonk's end-to-end PMS helped GoSpaze automate -

1. Invoicing and payment collection for owners and tenants.

2. Facilities management for timely maintenance and ticket resolutions.

3. Leasing and rent collection with its streamlined workflow.

Business Challenge #3 Lease Renewal Management

Tracking lease renewals for a considerable number of units annually was a laborious task.

Our Solution

TM automated the lease renewal process, sending timely notices to tenants and ensuring a hassle-free renewal workflow. Integrating a payment gateway in the Gospaze app further streamlined rent collection, making it convenient for tenants as well.

Our customer services team loves the app.
All they have to do now is look at the dashboard, find the number of tickets and assign them to service field staff. You can raise 300 invoices with a single click and automate renewals. Rent collection is also quick and simple because of the payment integrations. The product is super easy to use.


Shinoj Nambiar
Co-Founder, GoSpaze, India

The Outcome

TheHouseMonk provided a unified & customized platform to Cove to fulfil its customization needs, facilitate seamless integrations with other tools and get enhanced visibility into the business across different geographies.

Invoices generated through our automated system 80,000+
Time saved with our bulk invoicing and payment automation 800 business hours

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