How Grexter adopted a mobile-only ecosystem to elevate tenant experience
Company Profile

Founded in January 2016 by two IIT Madras Alumni Pratul Gupta and Nikhil Dosi, Grexter Living provides built-to-suit urban studio rooms, which caters primarily to salaried employees, fresh graduates, and techies in the age group of 18-25 years. 

Today, they have more than 1000 coliving units and 500 co-working units across Bangalore in key areas like Whitefield, Electronic city and HSR layout. 


Ensuring a quick redressal mechanism for tenant queries isnt easy for a company that has a large portfolio of 1200+ units and more than 6,000 tenants. 
With 57 properties situated in the key areas of Bangalore - the Silicon Valley of India, like MG road, Electronic city, Hebbal, Koramangala, HSR layout etc, Grexter was struggling to streamline ticketing operations.

It was a hassle to coordinate with technicians from different regions and track the status of a raised issue.The absence of mobile apps made it even more difficult for tenants to raise complaints, technicians to check and resolve the tickets and property managers to monitor the status. 
Tenants, who were always on the move, had to log in via desktop every single time to report an issue and check for updates. 

The Solution

After evaluating various coliving management software, Grexter decided to use TheHouseMonk system to smoothen maintenance & tenant complaint processes.

We facilitated a mobile-only ecosystem for Grexter which was aimed at saving time and increasing productivity by raising and tracking complaints with a few clicks.  

Tenants could now raise tickets via TheHouseMonk Tenant app and technicians and property managers could address and resolve the raised issues using TheHouseMonk Business app.

Lets look at
the results

With the help of our ticketing feature, Grexter has created 50,250 tickets with our system till date with an incredibly high ticket resolution rate of 98.7%.

This has in turn led to an enhanced tenant experience and hyper-organized workflows.

The incorporation of the ticketing feature has been a game-changer for Grexter, as it allowed them to streamline their operations.

The ability to consolidate all incoming tickets in one place and assign them to the appropriate team with ease has tremendously increased their efficiency.

Previously, they had to coordinate with technicians on different platforms which often led to confusion and delays in resolving issues.

However, with this new system, they can easily track the progress of each ticket and ensure that tenants concerns are addressed promptly.


TheHouseMonk successfully facilitated a mobile-first ecosystem for Grexter where tenants could raise complaints with a few clicks using TheHouseMonk tenant app, technicians could address and resolve the raised complaints while the Grexter team could monitor the progress using theTheHouseMonk business app.

This not only streamlined the ticketing process for the Grexter team but also helped them enhance tenant satisfaction by delivering a smooth and mobile-friendly user experience. 

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