5 Tips buyers could give sellers, if they could

Whether you’re looking to invest in a property or a home, it isn’t always easy. It’s an important decision which includes looking into a lot of legalities, formalities and back and forth involved. The main aim is to satisfy both parties – buyer and seller. We have so much information out there about how to sell effectively but a very few that help you understand it from a buyer’s perspective.

Based on past research, we have understood that buyers sit on a wealth of knowledge that seller crave to know, most of which points at how to attract buyers and make them want to invest in a property or buy a home and not turn them off.

Allow us to reveal a handful of tips that the buyers would like to reveal to sellers, if they could:

  1. Make your place look “Move in Ready”. Today’s society is a visual learning society. This means that your house must show the way they imagine the place to look like. Put the property in its best natural light. Keep an open mind and adjust your home’s appearance in order to create an atmosphere conducive to selling a home. Almost every buyer appreciates new kitchens and bathrooms, so if you have the money to invest in updating those two areas, consider doing a partial upgrade- fresh paint, new lighting, and so on.
  2. Now for this to make some pace, property owners should know that preparation is the key for any property to be sold successfully. Services such as painting, decluttering, floor refinishing, staging, window washing, countertop, appliance replacement etc will help make your property attract the right audience. Putting up professional pictures that are genuine and not fluffed up, is a strong online strategy. Giving an attractive visual image makes for a good first impression!
    FACT – When the National Association of Realtors surveyed buyers to pick what was most important in their search process, buyers said online pictures were more important than price, description, or location.
  3. Sellers need to understand the true market value of their property and set a realistic price. In today’s market, if your property is priced correctly, you should receive multiple offers within the first week or two of going on to the market. Sellers have a great chance of receiving more than their asking price if it is priced right with multiple buyers to negotiate with. A well-priced property is a proven recipe for success
  4. Keep your property open to the public through open houses and have flexible showing hours. Homes need maximum exposure to sell quickly. Many sellers refuse showings, as it is not convenient. Showings often take place on the weekends and during the evening throughout the week. Often buyers will not reschedule once declined. The showing you are turning down, could be the one who was going to write an offer. Make the home available.
  5. The last tip would be to hire a representative/real estate agent that has a proven track record and knows your area well. As hiring agents help guide you in making changes that today’s buyers are seeking.

Sellers need to understand the importance of having a good agent represent them during the sale of their property.  As selling is not an easy task, so don’t attempt to sell on your own.  For sale by owners, have a failure rate of 85% – 95%. 0000

Selling a home, building or a property can be extremely stressful and exhausting. But this can be made smoother with prospective sellers being open to advice and having realistic values and expectations and be as accommodating to prospective buyers as they can for access.

So, there you have it– some of the most effective tips for sellers!

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