Monitoring Work Quality with MTL for Tickets and PPMs

Checklists form the core of any Real Estate Management workflow. While there are different kinds of checklists for professionals in real estate, there are only so many platforms that understand the need for operators to use Property Management Checklists. If this term sounds new, Property Management Checklists set a framework for technicians, housekeeping staff and […]

Managing Facilities Booking with MTL

Managing common amenities present in a property irrespective of the real estate asset class is laborious. Whether meeting rooms in office spaces or laundry rooms in residential spaces, the lack of facility booking in a building makes the life of property managers and operators difficult. Real estate professionals who use TheHouseMonk, and TheOfficeMonk have a […]

A Guide to Efficient A/R Management with Monk Tech Labs

Accounting for rent, deposits, late fees and services to tenants that require payments require a lot of diligence and need perfect record keeping. In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of a property manager and operator, managing and tracking quotations sent, seeking approvals for quotes, creating invoices and tagging receipts are an arduous task. On one […]

The Evolving Dynamics of PropCo and OpCo in Real Estate

Real Estate investment has evolved over the years, giving rise to various asset classes, models and strategies. Among a few, two key segments have emerged called: PropCo and OpCo. In this blog, we’ll delve into the distinctions between these entities, the nature of the relationship and how its evolving, and trends we are seeing about […]

Streamlining Ticketing Workflows for flawless Property operations

What is our ticketing module all about? Whether there is a faulty faucet in a unit, or errors in the rental agreement, tenants have multiple reasons to alert the operator or property manager. Resolving tickets at a fast pace, assigning technicians and staff to these tickets all while communicating to the landlord/tenant forms the crux […]

Simplify Email Management on with MTL using Mailchimp

In any tenancy, the communication between the landlord, tenant and property manager (or operator) needs to be structured well to ensure they are all on the same page. Email is the de-facto communication platform across the world, and has been widely adopted by the real estate industry to ensure all parties are aligned.   Hence, […]

Rent Collection through PDC’s with MTL

The mode of Rent collection often changes depending on the geography an operator is present in. While a number of geographies prefer electronic transfers, bank transfers, Cards, etc., Dubai and many other parts of the world collect rent through Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) as it is the norm and the accepted practice. This trend emerged […]

MTL and Salto integrate for a better tenant experience with enhanced security

Monk Tech Labs and Salto have collaborated together to bring to Operators who use TheHouseMonk and TheOfficeMonk an intelligent, digital key system that replaces the physical keys that are currently in use. Operators can benefit highly from this as we now provide: Keyless entry to all access points in the Property by defining an access […]

Move-in/Move-out Inspections

With our Move-in/Move-out Inspections module, Landlords and Property managers can now: Automate the entire process of moving in/out of tenants Create checklists to track the exact state of the unit during handover, and compare this with the state of the unit when post move-out Ensure alignment between tenants and Landlords/Property Managers with respect to any […]

The Ultimate Guide: Commercial Property Management Transition Checklist

In a world where every detail matters and missteps can be costly, having a reliable map can mean the difference between a smooth voyage and a rocky one. It’s a journey where details matter, where the “i’s” must be dotted, and the “t’s” crossed to achieve a symphony of success. Today, we’re diving headfirst into […]