Automate Late Fees for Overdue Invoices

Operators tend to deal with delayed rental payments in the form of charging tenants late fees. Our system is capable of handling all the permutations and combinations associated with creating a custom late fee configuration that is best suited to the needs of an operator. Why do you need a Late fee automation? Currently, Late […]

Effortless Work Permit Management

Work permits are essential to be obtained by tenants before starting work in their allotted space. Our Work Permit module helps operators handle the entire process holistically by helping them understand the scope of work, the workers involved, and the risks and hazards of the work along with tracking the material that will be brought […]

Ticket Automation

Name of Tenant Date of Move-in Date of Move-out Pending Action Items John Carter 24th January, 2024 Sign Lease Agreement Ashwini Pavar 25th January, 2024 Unit Inspection John Elton 26th January, 2024 Fix all Electrical Issues Mary Won 24th January, 2024 Unit Cleaning Feline Maria 25th January, 2024 Tenant Onboarding   Does the above table […]

Circles – A Vibrant, Safe Community app for Tenants

Property managers and operators manage apartments, coliving spaces, co-working spaces and a range of assets across Real Estate. All of these places remain spaces and do not nurture into Communities.   Our learning is that this can be detrimental for property managers and operators affecting recurring revenue from tenants. To address this challenge, we dedicated […]

Enable Virtual Property Tours for Prospective Tenants with Monk Tech Labs

Tenants always want visual proof of a unit before occupancy. Its seldom the case, that a tenant books a unit on your property without looking at the pictures, videos or reviews associated with the property. About how many pictures and videos, are enough? and, what if there was a way to go beyond static images […]

Streamlining Your Booking Process with Our No-Code Booking Engine

Operators are constantly striving to streamline their booking process to attract more tenants and maximize revenue. This is easier said than done unless a real estate professional uses TheHouseMonk.   MTLs no-code booking engine allows operators to create a booking portal for their property listings which helps generate leads, take bookings and overall increase revenue […]

Data-driven Web Portal for Landlords/Investors

Landlords/Investors are in constant need of information. Property managers and operators always have to be prepared for questions around: How much revenue am I getting this month? What is the list of my expenses? What is the increase in profit for a given period? How many tickets have been raised for my property? Are all […]

Monitoring Work Quality with MTL for Tickets and PPMs

Checklists form the core of any Real Estate Management workflow. While there are different kinds of checklists for professionals in real estate, there are only so many platforms that understand the need for operators to use Property Management Checklists. If this term sounds new, Property Management Checklists set a framework for technicians, housekeeping staff and […]

Managing Facilities Booking with MTL

Managing common amenities present in a property irrespective of the real estate asset class is laborious. Whether meeting rooms in office spaces or laundry rooms in residential spaces, the lack of facility booking in a building makes the life of property managers and operators difficult. Real estate professionals who use TheHouseMonk, and TheOfficeMonk have a […]

A Guide to Efficient A/R Management with Monk Tech Labs

Accounting for rent, deposits, late fees and services to tenants that require payments require a lot of diligence and need perfect record keeping. In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of a property manager and operator, managing and tracking quotations sent, seeking approvals for quotes, creating invoices and tagging receipts are an arduous task. On one […]