How Bright Environment used TheHouseMonk to streamline their operations.

Bright Environment is a facility management company based of Dubai, managing over 6 million sqft in real estate assets in the GCC.

Picture of Al-Rayyan, A building in Sharjah where TheHouseMonk has been deployed

Problem 1
Since Bright environment manages multiple projects every day, one of the major issues they faced were scheduling and planning preventive maintenance. Getting staff to ensure work is done on time and monitor that from an organizational stand point is rather a difficult task

Solution 1
The Preventive and planned maintenance module in TheHouseMonk is specially designed for this. During the initial set up, the annual maintenance schedules where added on to the platform. Once this was done, all technicians and site managers tasks are preassigned. All the staff can see their daily tasks via TheHouseMonk for Business app.
Once the job is resolved or in progress, the staff update the same on their app. Once update the time and details are logged and shared with the site mangers. This in turn creates a sense of transparence between managers and all technical staff. They also add costs or comments pertaining to the task which triggers a notification on the site managers app for feedback or approval. Reports regarding this is pulled hence making the time spent by staff more efficient.
Problem 2
Ensuring work gets done by all staff is tricky but making sure that the work done is up to the mark is another challenge. There were complaints about work not being done properly and streamlining this was difficult.

Solution 2
The technicians can now add pictures to each task once done, which reduces the time spent by site managers on inspections but ensures that work done is up to the mark. Only once the site manager reviews these photos can the maintenance tasks be marked as resolved.
Clients after the work is done gets a pop up with a rating and comments option. This adds another layer of verification and ensure that all parties are happy with the service. This also helped to generate reports on individual technicians for quarterly reviews. Technicians had increased theyre quality of service ever since.

Problem 3
Monitoring staff Attendance has always been a problem for any facility management company. The current system being used can be tampered or manipulated.

Solution 3
TheHouseMonk gate management module helped solve this problem. Gone are the registers and the clogging up of staff at the gate. The staffs details are preloaded onto the system so when theyre at the gate, all they have to do is verify their ID badge, have their picture taken and be checked in. This works even when the security guards are new as the details pertaining to the staff is always available on the app. This feature eliminated the attendance problem and ensured accurate attendance of staff. Attendance reports are automatically created and shared during the monthly meetings.


Overall, Bright Environment has managed to streamline operations across multiple projects after having implemented TheHouseMonk system. The organization is now set up to scale up quickly given that they have a centralized system to track and monitor all key activities.

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