Less personal space and larger common areas – a popular choice for ideal workplace: TheHouseMonk Survey 2019

There’s no doubt that the physical work environment has a big impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. The typical office design has undergone several transformations over the years, going from private offices to fixed work desks to the now-trendy co-working spaces. Factors like globalization and technology have today resulted in new and exciting questions about what the workplace is and more importantly— what it should be. But what do the people who work want their ideal workspace to be?

To understand what the evolving crowd expected from their workspace environment, we conducted a survey, to determine their ideal office layout, the influence of office design on mood and productivity, the kind of office space they would prefer and so on.

Keep reading to see some of the key takeaways we concluded from this survey –


Workspace freedom and good design are crucial in today’s workspaces. Clearly, our findings show that workers value aesthetics, comfort, office layout etc in the physical spaces they occupy while getting their jobs done.

When businesses and public places of work accommodate occupants’ desires as they plan physical workspaces, workers can do more, learn more, and collaborate as they choose.

A clean, well-lit, and adequately furnished space improves workers’ moods, while enough room to accomplish tasks as diverse as holding meetings and concentrating alone gives workers the physical resources they need.

As the world of work adapts to new technology and design trends, it’s more important than ever to remember what workers want. fff

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