Monitoring Work Quality with MTL for Tickets and PPMs

Checklists form the core of any Real Estate Management workflow. While there are different kinds of checklists for professionals in real estate, there are only so many platforms that understand the need for operators to use Property Management Checklists.

If this term sounds new, Property Management Checklists set a framework for technicians, housekeeping staff and property managers on how to go about;

  • Maintenance requests (cleaning, electrical, plumbing tasks, etc.)
  • Check-In/Check-Out workflows (the mandatory check tenants or property managers have to do to assess the condition of the unit before tenancy).

If Checklists are so essential, the question is why did we build a whole module now?

Why have we built a module around Checklists?

In our current set up, users can see and update the status of tickets/PPMs between Open, In-Progress and Resolved. While this talks at a high level, it doesnt give the deeper details of the specific action taken.

For example:

  • Did the technician service the motor of the Lift?
  • What was the reading of the HVAC temperature regulator?
  • How many fans are in the 3 Bedroom apartment in Orchard Street?

These are the finer details of a ticket/PPM that our checklist module allows users to capture.

For the sake of simplicity, think of it as a Google Form/Typeform which can be attached with any ticket/PPM.


How does our module tackle the above problems?

To understand how our checklist module functions, lets consider the use case where operators need to raise a ticket for cleaning and there is a checklist that the housekeeping staff needs to follow to complete the task.


The workflow for this is as follows:


STEP 1: Operators create a checklist on Settings in the web Portal

  • High Configurability: An operator can choose from an array of field types to create fields or decide to include system fields.
  • Load of Customizations: Operators can include images and notes against every checklist item and make them mandatory if required.

STEP 2: Operators assign a checklist while creating a ticket

  • Easy assignments and Quick allocations: Checklists cannot be edited and manipulated at the time of ticket creation and checklists can easily be assigned post-ticket creation

(Eg. If a tenant creates a ticket for cleaning using the tenant app, operators can assign a checklist to this ticket on the web portal)

STEP 3: The Staff fills out the checklist on the Real Estate Management App (REMA)

Technicians can move step-by-step to fill out the checklist and follow the exact steps as mentioned by the operator/property manager.

STEP 4: The operator verifies the entered details on the Admin Dashboard

Once a checklist is completed, operators can download the report of the checklist with all the information as entered by the technician on the app at the time of attending to a ticket.

What are some of the Salient features that set our Checklist Module apart?

Our module covers certain features that are unique to our system, they can be listed as below:

  • Location tagging: Technicians at times claim to be at the unit when in reality they are not. To introduce transparency in the entire process, geo-tagging the location of a technician before submitting the checklist allows operators and property managers to know that the technician is actually at the property.

  • Signature from Staff attending to the ticket: Including the technicians signature avoids any lack of communication between the tenant, operator and the technician. With the signature of the technician at the checklist level, operators can be sure that the technician assigned to a ticket was present at the unit/property to attend to a maintenance request.

  • Inability to close a ticket without completion of the checklist: Phone calls and constant messages to the technicians about the status of a ticket are no longer needed. If a ticket is marked closed operators and property managers can know for sure that there is authenticity and a lack of ambiguity.

A checklist, while essential, is only sometimes a mandatory feature that operators build. Our suite of products, however, is more inclusive and in line with the wants and needs of property managers and operators. We are confident that operators who use our module can run a better show to ensure smooth and efficient operations. The question that remains is – Are you one such operator?

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