MTL and Salto integrate for a better tenant experience with enhanced security

Monk Tech Labs and Salto have collaborated together to bring to Operators who use TheHouseMonk and TheOfficeMonk an intelligent, digital key system that replaces the physical keys that are currently in use.

Operators can benefit highly from this as we now provide:

  1. Keyless entry to all access points in the Property by defining an access control list
  2. Movement tracking to help address the security needs of a property
  3. A better tenant experience by helping tenants enter a unit using just the Circles app


Why do we have this integration?

There are 4 main pain points that exist with the current system that is being followed as far as keys and keycards are concerned:


  1. Being locked out of a unit leads to poor tenant experience: Tenants could share keys to their kith and kin or could misplace the keys or the keycard could stop functioning properly. In most cases, there is a penalty levied by the operator for loss of key/keycard or the tenants have to wait until the door is opened. These events can leave a tenant with a bad experience.
  2. Operator has no control on duplicate keys/keycards created: Currently, duplication of traditional physical keys poses as a potential solution for anyone to enter the unit. Due to the high number of keys deuplicated the the operator do not know how many people have a duplicate and who is using the key/keycard to enter a unit.
  3. Tenant can enter a unit post contract end date: A tenant could gain access to a unit without any authorization since they might be left with a duplicate keycard or a key even after their contract period which again poses a security risk.
  4. Constant presence and increased manual work for an operator: Operators had to be on-site to handover keys, solve issues or monitor access into a unit.
  5. Unable to track the movement of everyone associated to a property: Operators find it very difficult to monitor all the units across a property and prevent the entry of someone into a restricted space.
    Eg. Currently, operators cannot tell if someone is entering the electrical room or not sitting in a cabin which can be dangerous.


With the digital keyless access through our Circles App, property managers can:

  1. Provide great tenant experiences, by allowing tenants to use phones to walk in/out of a unit.
  2. Maintain access control for indiviuals to enter a unit which helps remove the fear of unauthorized entry into a unit.
  3. Account for creation and changes made to a contract since our system automatically provides/revokes access for a tenant to the unit.
  4. Reduce manual work


How does one go about such an integration with Monk Tech Labs?


The steps to setup your integration between Salto and MTL are:


  1. Login to Godview and move to the Integrations page
  2. Click on Salto under Door Access
  3. Follow the steps mentioned to activate the account.

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