Next-Gen Real Estate with ChatGPT: Prompts & plugins for real estate

By now, you perhaps know that ChatGPT can write dating profiles, dissertations, emails in Shakespearean style, and pretty much anything. As wonderful as these things are, these tasks are not what folks in real estate or property management do for a living.

So how can ChatGPT help folks whose tech skills end at spreadsheets? In other words, those folks who havent used APIs, low-code tools and other such things. Thats what we set out to find in this blog.

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Lets start with writing descriptions for your property listings.

This is one of the most common uses for real estate professionals – writing catchy and personalized content to draw attention to a property. In this example, we asked ChatGPT to write in the style of Phil Dunphy, one of the most beloved fictional characters from real estate on TV.

While you wouldn’t want to sound like a sitcom character, this example shows how you can use ChatGPT for content.

See what ChatGPT did –

It did everything given in the prompts, be it emoji or market data.

Using the second prompt, it even added a few German and VC references.

What next –

You can keep tweaking the prompts until you get the message you like, and then take it up a notch by doing the same for a list of properties and clients.

Next comes phone descriptions. For swift resolution of complaints and efficient solutions, we tasked ChatGPT with developing a phone call script and flowchart for FM helpdesk.

See what ChatGPT did –

It created a script for a helpdesk agent exactly as per the instructions.

We took the conversation further and asked it to create a flowchart as well.

What next –

You can create your own script as per your needs and even ask ChatGPT for different variations.

Download ChatGPT for real estate to know more prompts, tips and tricks to make your real estate operations & functions a breeze.

Heres what we have in store for you:

  • 50+ ChatGPT plugins
  • 15+ useful industry specific prompts
  • Other uses of AI, particularly in real estate
  • Alternatives to ChatGPT
  • Efficiency hacks

And much more!

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