Streamlining Ticketing Workflows for flawless Property operations

What is our ticketing module all about?

Whether there is a faulty faucet in a unit, or errors in the rental agreement, tenants have multiple reasons to alert the operator or property manager.

Resolving tickets at a fast pace, assigning technicians and staff to these tickets all while communicating to the landlord/tenant forms the crux of good tenant experiences in real estate.

Our ticketing module provides property managers and operators who use TheHouseMonk, TheOfficeMonk and TheMallMonk an end-to-end solution that helps enhance their operations all while maintaining great tenant experiences using our Ticketing module.


Why do we have this feature in our product?

Listed below are 3 core reasons that stand as a testimonial for our reason to build this feature:

  1. Every issue is urgent, every issue is important: Tenants and landlords often have problems they face at the unit level and they expect immediate action to be taken. 

  2. Ticketing has a very complex workflow:
    With such a complex workflow there are added challenges like;

    • No information on what technicians are working on currently
    • Lack of real time reporting to tenant
    • No single source of communication between the tenant, operator, technician and the landlord.
  3. Existing ticketing solutions that do not focus on problems in Real estate: Currently, players in the space like Zendesk and Freshdesk cater to wide majority of industries and are not suitable for real estate professionals as they lack the following:
    1. No way to tag materials used while attending to a ticket
    2. The lack of receipt tracking (expenses incurred during resolution may been borne by the tenant/landlord and the operator needs to have a record of it)
    3. Lack of structured communication (Tenants raise tickets, operators responds, however the technician on-site has no way to update the status of what is going on)

How do we solve problems related to Ticketing specific to Real estate?

We have an entire ecosystem of product offerings that helps operators streamline the entire ticketing process bringing in order and efficiency in the process.

Our User interfaces include:

  1. Customer Web Portal/Tenant Mobile App, through which tenants can raise tickets and respond to comments left by the technician or operator
  2. Real Estate Management App, for the Technician to update the status of the ticket and converse both with the operator and tenant either simultaneously or solely.
  3. A central Godview (web portal) and the Business App for the operator to be on top of all the activity taking place in the property.

Our ticketing module caters specifically to real estate professionals in the following ways:

  • The ability to raise tickets on the App and respond across an ecosystem of our products: Lets use an example to understand the workflow better –

The Operator can see the progress and also chat with the technician and the tenant with respect to updates on the ticket

  • Auto-ticket assignment and escalations: Our system helps allocate PoCs based on availability and also based on the category of tickets.

Eg. John is a tenant in Property RMZ Infinity and raises a ticket for a leak in the washroom. Jill, a tenant in the same property, raises a ticket for a tube light that does not work.

Instead of assigning both tickets to a Property PoC (point of contact) who might then re-assign it, the 1st ticket will be assigned to Technician who takes care of the plumbing of the building. The 2nd ticket will be assigned to the electrician in the building. This ensures faster resolution times.

  • Internal and external chat for easy and smooth communication: Speak to your technicians and staff using the internal comments and use external comments to communicate to your tenant and landlord.


  • Progress history with all details with respect to ticket resolutions: Help your tenants track the progress of the ticket they raised in Real time.
  • Feedback from tenants: Once the ticket has been resolved, a feedback form is sent to the tenant that helps track the quality of service provided and measures the progress that needs to be made.

Ticketing is a salient feature that is important across industries, more so in Real estate. Professionals need to think of innovative solutions that help simplify the workflow and improve the overall functioning of the system they have in place. Ticketing though complex doesnt have to be difficult for operators. By using software, the right software, operators can enhance operations and improve tenant experiences.

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